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Future-proof your boardroom with the practical knowledge, insight and global mindset to navigate the ever-changing corporate governance landscape. In partnership with CGI, the global leader in governance education, we’re offering you the chance to upskill stakeholders around corporate governance, ESG, and the digital transformation journey.

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Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Following CSRD’s more stringent reporting requirements for ESG factors, knowing what it takes to become a qualified & confident ESG leader is vital for modern company development. In the world’s first university credit-rated online Diploma in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), you will learn the practical tools and techniques to implement a fully-operational ESG framework across your organisation.

Lead the way

Stand out as an informed leader with in-demand ESG skills and knowledge.

Open the door

Clarify the opportunities ESG provides and how to take advantage of these.

Learn from experts

Learn how to quickly adapt to any ESG challenge from industry leaders.

Module 1: The origins of ESG
You will gain a clear understanding of the background of E, S and G, from history to trends to societal responses.
Module 2: The evolving ESG landscape
You will understand, in detail, the broad changing landscape of ESG and its implications for your organisation.
Module 3: Exploring ESG investing
You will learn about the changes that are taking place within the investment community in relation to ethical and ESG investing.
Module 4: ESG and the role of the board
You will be crystal clear about the board's roles and responsibilities in delivering ESG, including tell-tale signs of toxic board culture.
Module 5: Integrating ESG into business strategy
You will learn how to develop and take ownership of implementing your corporate sustainability strategy across your organisation.
Module 6: Best practice in ESG and risk management
You will understand how to manage and mitigate ESG strategy and risk using best-practice metrics and data analytics.
Module 7: The importance of governance in ESG
You will understand how your ESG framework supports and enhances your governance practices across the board, from policies to correct reporting procedures.
Module 8: ESG and data quality: why it matters
You will learn how to optimise the use of ESG data across all aspects of your business through key concepts and practical examples.
Module 9: Best practice in ESG reporting
You will learn how to accurately report your ESG data to support your strategic decisions, considering current and future legislation.
Module 10: Leading ESG transformation in your organisation
You will learn how to develop and implement a successful transition plan to ESG for your entire organisation, from start to finish.
There are two graded online assessments. Each assessment lasts 90 minutes and is based on multiple-choice questions.
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Diploma in Corporate Governance

This comprehensive, globally recognised, diploma is a vital segway in development for aspiring directors, existing directors and executives in leadership roles. Designed and delivered by industry-leading directors and governance professionals, the Diploma in Corporate Governance is recognised as an essential cornerstone for organisations looking to upskill their board or C-suite.

Stand out

Join the 0.5% of directors who have a formal qualification in corporate governance.

Enhance your board

Future-proof the leaders in your organisation to meet all future standards

Learn from experts

Learn from a faculty of the world’s best minds in corporate governance.

What you’ll learn in this diploma

Module 1: Introduction to corporate governance
Gain a clear understanding of the world of corporate governance, the principles which underpin it, global trends and the role it plays in contemporary business.
Module 2: Governance architecture
Learn that the governance structure of every organisation is unique, given its heritage and culture and how to build a best practice governance structure.
Module 3: The governance handbook
The Board Governance Handbook is the document that defines an organisation roles, policies, procedures and other basic board documentation.
Module 4: Reporting
This module clearly explains, in detail, the information and supporting processes that directors require to perform their role and how they relate to effective reporting.
Module 5: The company director
You will learn about the duties and responsibilities to be a competent director with the appropriate mindset to make a real impact in the boardroom.
Module 6: Culture
This module explains the importance of aligning the culture of the board with the organisation and its strategy and how to influence company culture.
Module 7: Strategy
This module will help you to understand the tools used, the strategy development and implementation processes and the board’s role.
Module 8: Financial matters
This module will help to interpret the financial statements that you will have to master as a director and help you ask the right questions.
Module 9: Risk
This module ensures that you, as a director, can provide the proper oversight of risk in the organisation and ask intelligent questions.
Module 10: Evaluating performance
This module clearly explains how to initiate and implement evaluations of the board, directors, and CEO on either an internal or external basis.
Module 11: The non-executive director
This module will help you formulate a systematic approach to your career plan to become or progress as a director or non-executive director.
Candidates are required to complete three online assessments based on the programme modules. These will take approximately six hours in total.

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Who teaches these diplomas?
CGI faculty members are industry experts with an interest in teaching the next generation of directors and board members. Along with teaching, their lecturers are professionally involved in numerous types of businesses.
Can I attend these diplomas with my team?
Absolutely! Teams join these diplomas from PLCs, NGOs, law firms, public bodies, today’s financial and tech giants, and everywhere in between. Contact the Corporate Governance Insititute to learn more. 
How will I achieve my qualification?
You’ll complete your assessments online, at a time that suits you, using CGI’s assessment platform. Once you enrol on the course, you’ll receive detailed instructions on how and when you’re eligible to attempt your assessments. 
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